Hello, my name is JT.  I am a middle-aged married father of six seeking to get out of debt.  Unfortunately, I have a  lot of it.  Fortunately, I am sick and tired of working hard to see much of my money go to Bank of America, Chase, Visa, Discover, and other institutions that received bailouts after nearly collapsing the American economy.

Thus I am on a quest to shed debt and shred my credit cards.  Then I will go about paying off all of my other liabilities and begin to use spare cash for creating my wealth instead of wealth for the shareholders of the big banks.

Shredding debt is my personal blog about this quest.  It is meant to keep me focused on my goal of paying off $435,000 in 40 months.  I also blog at Cash Flow Mantra.  You can see the latest posts from CFM in the sidebar at the right.